Our Terminal is fitted with:
750 meters of equipped quay that allows berthing of vessels with max draft 10.50 meters (34.45 feet), the maximum draft allowed in Ravenna Port.

– Authorization for a ‘C’ Type Bonded Private Warehousee di Temporary Storage.

– Authorization for Fiscal Warehouse for handling goods in V.A.T. suspension.

Main services:
➢ Discharge and loading operations
➢ Storage of goods in open or covered area
➢ Redelivery of goods in bulk or bagged
➢ Containerization and container emptying
➢ Magnetic treatment
➢ Shredding and mixing
➢ Bagging
➢ Grinding
➢ Palletizing
➢ Transformation of bagged goods to bulk for redelivery in truck-body or tank truck
➢ Sieving

Discahrging/loading equipment:
• 1 bridge crane capacity 1,000 tons / hour
• 2 port cranes capacity 400 tons / hour
• 3 port cranes capacity 300 tons / hour

We have two hoppers for powdery materials and various facilities to redelivery the goods in bulk on tank truck.

The activities are performed on a total area of about 280.000 mqsquare meters.
Open storage cover an area of about 80.000 mq square meters.
Indoor warehouses cover an area of about 75.000 mqsquare meters.

Our goal is the maximum satisfaction of our Customers. We keep developing and researching the best solutions to add value to our services always working in compliance to the Safety, Quality, Haccp, Gmp+ standard rules in order to offer the maximum business opportunities providing high quality services at a competitive costs.




Minerals in transit (in bulk and bagged) are mainly used for the ceramic and glass industry: clays, alumina, kaolin, feldspar, etc.
They are transported in dedicated warehouses with specialized equipment in order to guarantee the original quality of the product in respect of their traceability.
The warehouses used for storing minerals cover an area of 37,500 square meters.
Throughout its facilities and specialized personnel, Eurodocks can supply the first handling of the goods, such as: grinding, bagging, mixing, deferring, sieving, shredding and screening.
The processing of the goods from bagged to bulk is carried out for redelivery in tank truck.



High protein soya flours cereals and their derivatives, are introduced directly into the warehouse via conveyor belt, crane or drain hole.
Particular care is granted for the handling of GMO FREE, GMP+ and organic farming products, as well as their traceability.
We also provide loading service for these types of products.
The warehouses for agriproducts have a capacity (grain-based ) of 120,000 tons.



Fertilizers are mainly used for agricultural and industry..
Discharging of both bulk and packed fertilizers are allowed.
These materials are stored in a dedicated warehouse of 4.400 square meters.
At client request, we can perform processing of the materials before their redelivery. Our plants allow us to make bags on pallets of 25 or 50 kgs, with the use of a tubolar reel bagging system.
We are also able to make single big bags of 500 – 1000 kgs or other requested weights.
All the activities are carried out in a special warehouse classified pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 105/2015 SEVESO III directive (Company with major accidents risks).



The docking and handling equipment, allows us to discharge and load every kind of steel products with suitable ground handling and redelivery on trucks, fully respecting safety roads rules.

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