On 1 July 2004, the ISPS CODE came in force, a new specific code for the application of security in ports and on ships.

At Eurodocks entry, a security control and inspection point was set up, employing staff with specific security duties.

Access to the port terminal area is possible only after the authorization issued by the PFSO and / or DPFSO.

Anyone can be subject to control and self-inspection, of the person, the vehicle and / or what it carries.

All those entering the plant must be identified, registered and authorized by the managers.

All temporary visitors must request authorization to enter the Terminal by sending an email to after verifying the reasons for entry.

For the agencies, collaboration is required, sending to the PFSO and / or DPFSO, a copy of the CREW-LIST, as well as the electronic request of the people who will have to transit through the terminal to access and / or get off the ships, as well as to visit goods at land and yards or warehouses.

Remember that it is not allowed to stop or transit in operational areas, it is necessary to use the appropriate spaces and roads. Always carry the badge with you. Furthermore, a security video surveillance system is in operation throughout the terminal.

The Security Level is always ONE (1), unless otherwise communicated by the Harbor Master’s Office. The ID number of the Terminal’s IMO database is: ITRAN-0014.


MAZZONI PAOLO: PFSO Port Facility Security Officer
Mobile: +39 340 8645934 – Phone: +39 0544 436863

PARISI SALVATORE: DPFSO Deputy Port Facility Security Officer
Mobile: +39 340 5785944 – Phone: +39 0544 436863

CICOGNANI RODOLFO: DPFSO Deputy Port Facility Security Officer
Mobile: +39 349 2229947 – Phone: +39 0544 436863

BATTILANA MARCO: DPFSO Deputy Port Facility Security Officer
Mobile: +39 340 5785209 – Phone: +39 0544 436863

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