Safety – Company policy on health and safety in the workplace

Since 2010 Eurodocks Srl has set up a Health and Safety Management System in the workplace in compliance with the OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard and the UNI-INAIL 2001 Guidelines.
The Company Management, in pursuit of continuous improvement in Health and Safety at Work, maintains the commitment to:
• to prevent accidents, working diseases and in any case accidents that could cause damage to people and things,
• to comply with current and future legislation on health and safety in the workplace,
• to identify and assess in advance the health and safety risks deriving from the activities, also in relation to the goods handled, the materials and the equipment used,
• to adopt all necessary measures and provisions to prevent or eliminate causes of risk for human health and safety,
• to promote among the employees the professionalism, the sense of responsibility and awareness of the impact that their activity has on the health and safety of each one, through the implementation of training, information and training courses,
• the involvement and consultation of workers through their safety representative,
• to participate at improvement programs for safety and for activities , mainly ports, promoted by interested parties, such as the Port Authority of Ravenna, the Harbor Office of Ravenna and the Workers’ Unions,
• continuous improvement of the health and safety management and performance system, setting annual objectives supported by appropriate implementation programs, providing tools to achieve them, assigning implementation responsibilities to the appropriate levels,
• to check annually and whenever necessary, the results achieved by assessing the effectiveness of the Health and Safety Management System and compliance with this policy.
To achieve these results all the functions of the Company and the Personnel are involved in this project and must actively participate both in the implementation and in the constant improvement of the Occupational Safety and Management System.

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