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EURODOCKS S.r.l. is a Terminal Operator that focuses its policy on offering high quality and specialized integrated logistics services, mainly on four types of goods:
• cereals and flours
• steel products
• minerals for the ceramic and glass industry
• natural fertilizers
Our primary aim is to guarantee a service that offers new construction operating structures and is organized in line with the most modern technologies of discharging equipment, handling and processing of goods, all in compliance with the laws of the sector, safety and expectations of Customers. We intend to offer high quality of service, competitive prices, care and specialization in handling of goods as well as a particular operational flexibility in response to urgent requests. In order to realize these intentions, we have decided since 2006 to establish, maintain and implement a quality management system that complies with the requirements of the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001, which supported an already established effective control system based on the principles of HACCP, to which over time other systems have been added, such as the management of products from organic farming in compliance with CE Regulations 834/07 and CE 889/08 and the protection of food safety for animal feed in compliance with the GMP + Feed Certification Scheme. The Management therefore undertakes:
• to pursue the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Systems, maintaining an appropriate structure for all the products managed and defining, in addition to compliance with current legislation on the hygiene of storage and workplace safety, adequate objectives and programs
• to continuously improve the service provided in line with the needs of the market and customers
• to guarantee the safety and integrity of products intended for food and zootechnical use stored in their warehouses, through continuous monitoring
• to ensure that this policy is disseminated, understood and shared at all company levels, as well as made available, through publication on the website, to customers, suppliers, interested third parties and along the relevant chain as well as periodically reviewed
• to allocate adequate human and financial resources to the implementation of the policy itself and to the objectives necessary to implement it
We also monitor the satisfaction of our Clients together with the periodic development of objectives to achieve them.
We believe that the activity of raising awareness, training, training information and updating of all staff in relation to issues related to quality, hygiene, health and safety in the workplace and the behavior to adopt to recognize, prevent or eliminate causes of safety risk of man and of human and zootechnical foodstuffs, are indispensable for providing an excellent service, therefore we invest time and resources regularly carrying out training and information meetings with employees and verifying their effectiveness and learning.
Our mission is based on continuous research and development of solutions to add value to the products treated and to offer better business opportunities to our clients.

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