General rules of conduct and security in the port area Terminal Eurodocks Srl

Here below there are the “General Rules of Conduct and Safety” to be adopted in EURODOCKS.
The Rules drafted by the Terminal Management in join with the RSPP, are in line with what is required by the competent bodies.
The main safety rules are clearly stated in the warning and safety signs already present and positioned near the entrance of the Terminal in clearly visible places.
To access the offices, the maintenance department and the operating areas of the Terminal, you must be in possession of a special authorization permit (badge) issued by the Port System Authority of the central-northern Adriatic Sea and confirmed by the Security Manager (PFSO) of Eurodocks. Access to occasional visitors and transporters is permitted prior authorization by the PFSO and / or DPFSO.

Here below the main “General Rules of Conduct” by point.

  1. Access to all operational areas of the Terminal to persons and vehicles not expressly authorized by
    the company is prohibited. Anyone who contravenes this prohibition, enters at his own risk and danger, releasing Eurodocks from any responsibility and will be removed from the Terminal.
  2. The circulation of pedestrians, vehicles and private vehicles is allowed only upon express
    authorization of the Terminal. They will have the obligation to observe, in addition to the horizontal and vertical signs, any more appropriate precautionary provision in relation to the nature of the places (harbor docks, roads, storage areas, bundles of tracks set flush, tension mooring cables, etc ..) and the type of activity present (loading / unloading of goods, operations / maneuvers of self-propelled cranes, work vehicles and operating vehicles, transit of lift trucks, etc.). Pedestrians must use the protected dedicated routes.
  3. Overtaking is prohibited in all areas of the Terminal.
  4. People inside the Terminal, whether on foot or driving vehicles / operating machines, must have the maximum attention in order to avoid passing through or stopping under suspended loads. During the handling of loads, people must stay at an adequate safety distance from any vehicle, mechanical vehicle, operating machine or convoy in movement or maneuver.
  5. It is mandatory to wear the following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in all areas of the Terminal if you need to get off the vehicle, tractor, operating equipment, etc .::
    • Safety shoes
    • High visibility clothing
    • Protective helmet

    Offices area and maintenance department are excluded from this obligation.

  6. All those who have to perform particular work, from maintenance to the mere handling of loads, are
    obliged to wear specific PPE relating to the task.
  7. Concerning the internal viability in our Terminal, automobile priorities are defined as follows:
    • lifting equipment on the quay;
    • operating machines, operating trolleys;
    • tractors and tractors with or without trailer;
    • other vehicles, cars.
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